Drug and alcohol testing is key to your organisation’s health and safety compliance as well as incident management practices.

Primary can support you with accredited drug and alcohol testing at our medical centres. And because we are standards-based and AS/NZS 4308:2008 compliant, we abide by a standard of collection, detection and quantification of drugs in urine and saliva.

We give you access to a range of standards-based tests including:

  • Instant urine drug screen (tested onsite with results in 5mins)
  • Lab-based urine drug and alcohol test (sent to pathology)
  • Chain of custody (Urinary Drug Screening)
  • Confirmation testing at our NATA accredited labs
  • Alcohol breathalyser testing
  • Saliva-based drug testing

If any of these tests indicate the presence of drugs, we’ll send the results to one of our NATA accredited labs for confirmation testing.

The test is only the beginning.

Testing your employees is only one aspect of Drug and Alcohol safety. If your workforce is well educated and aware of your drug policy, then there’s a greater chance they’ll abide by it. WorkCover can provide you with professional advice on developing an appropriate policy for your organisation.

For more information on how Primary can partner with you to conduct Drug and Alcohol screenings in your organisation, call us today on 1300 316 774.